About brand ACADEMIA

The word «academy» formerly referred to a philosophical school that was founded by Plato in 387 BC. The first academy was created to teach math, philosophy, and even politics. The famous philosopher was sure that a worthy life is possible only in a worthy state, therefore he created conditions of an ideal state for his pupils so that they managed according to the norms of justice themselves.

Later, the academy began to be understood as a higher education institution that implements educational programs, provides training or advanced training of employees and performs research in one of the fields (in our case, in the field of hotel service).

In all of this, we saw similarities with our principles and culture. Firstly, we have a philosophy in our company. It is the knowledge of the culture of hospitality and creating an atmosphere of comfort for the guest, through which we ensure the quality of services. This philosophy underpins all our work and makes up our corporate culture.

Secondly, with each new project we learn more and more, we continuously acquire new knowledge. This means that we ourselves, our environment and our projects are a school for us, owners and investors.

Thirdly, we create our own developments in different areas as a methodological center. Of course, everything new is the well-forgotten old, but we, following the path of our predecessors, add our own methods and improve on past research: service services, a presentation book for guests, communication with our owners, our own pool of tenants and a monobrand.

And, finally, our company, like Plato’s academy, exists as a mini-state with the conditions of maintaining justice: in relation to colleagues, investors and, of course, the guest, who necessarily receives perfect comfort and attentive attitude.

We, the hotel operator ACADEMIA LAND, invite you to a tour of our «philosophical school»!