4GUEST» philosophy of Academia company

How important is a quality of service?

This question is important to everyone involved in the services sector. A hospitality industry is not an exception.

ACADEMIA has a loyalty and HR management program that is called “4GUEST”. This is our company’s philosophy, on which principles and methods of hiring and managing personnel are based. 4 GUEST philosophy helps to provide a quality service to every guest in our hotel chain.

The first thing we start our journey to the best service is hiring and selecting employees, as the work of the receptionist, administrator and maid directly affects the quality of service in the hotel. On the first day of training, the candidate’s Mentor announces the mission of our company-an individual approach to EACH guest: we do not just provide high-quality hospitality services, we give positive emotions to EACH guest! When choosing an employee, ACADEMIA is based on the principle of ” choosing not a person, but an attitude”, because you can not be learn to be polite, friendly, responsive, ready to help, you can not be learn to sincerely want to please guests!

The second point that is important for ACADEMIA is to provide an employee with a methodical program that will teach them basic principles, introduce them to the main business processes and basics of working in the hotel business.

At this stage, we train the future employee in the following important sections:

  • working with a channel manager;
  • working with document management, cash register and terminal;
  • shift transfer, room cleaning and room check standards;
  • check-in and check-out procedure;
  • registry and migration registration.

Each potential candidate receives mandatory training in the following aspects:

  • training in fire-technical minimum (plan of evacuation from the building in
  • case of fire, places where fire extinguishers are located);
  • training in the sequence of actions in first aid, calling an ambulance;
  • emergency response training.

It is very important for us that every employee knows the technical equipment and the general condition of the hotel all the way from A to Z.

In addition to business processes and technical equipment, we will tell a beginner HOW we work in this area, WHAT is of priority importance for the hotel business, what we, as a hotel management, expect from our employee. In fact, an introductory course will give a good foundation for further stages of training of our future specialist..

At the training stage “4Guest” philosophy offers our future employees the next level: training of the staff how to behave in unusual situations. After reading the methodological part and introducing the employee to the main business processes, the employee is invited to “play” and is given a list of non-standard situations where the employee can show himself, his/her creativity, a high degree of stress tolerance, non-standard thinking and the ability to get out of any situation which could be called unusual with dignity.

The fourth important aspect of our philosophy is to support and encourage the best employees while working at ACADEMIA. Here you can always ask for help both from your colleague and from higher management directly. An employee of ACADEMIA can be sure that his request for help, suggestion of innovations, his thoughts on improving a working process will never be ignored and will be accepted for consideration. With a certain frequency, the company’s management encourages its best specialists with pleasant gifts: awards, trips to other countries, fashionable gadgets, certificates for accommodation in any of the chain’s hotels for themselves, family and friends. We always treat the best ones! Of course, a material motivation presents in ACADEMIA, but we do not forget also about the pleasant little things, for example: an award “The Best administrator of the Year” or “Professional Maid”

All these components help ACADEMIA to achieve one common and the most important goal – the highest service for the guest.

Recently, competition in the market of hotel services has reached a maximum level, cities are crowded with accommodation facilities, anyone coming to a particular city can find a hotel to suit every taste and budget. Hotels are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with each other and surprise guests. We have come to the conclusion that the best way to leave a pleasant impression on a guest is to provide them with a high-quality service by giving them a POSITIVE EMOTION with the help of an individual and personalized approach. We bring to life the long-forgotten truths of hospitality, which lie in the foundations of hospitability, services, convenience and comfort of the guest.

Recently, the company has created a service department and introduced the position of Service Manager. The service manager has to work with guests at all stages (before arrival, during stay and after departure), communicate by phone, messengers, e-mail in order to identify special, individual requests to the room and additional services.

Before arrival, the manager checks with guests the arrival time, their preferences, expectations from the hotel and can prepare not just a meeting and check-in in advance, but also a compliment from the hotel: a bouquet of favorite flowers in the room, a favorite coffee at the meeting, a pleasant souvenir. During a stay, the guest can contact the manager directly for any questions, and the service manager will be sincerely happy to help, solve any question regarding the comfort of the guest, order a taxi at any time of the day, help with the choice of excursions and etc. After departure of the guest, the manager will select the best options for the next booking at the hotel and price (with maximum discounts) and by the booking method.

So, the philosophy of ACADEMIA is called “4GUEST” not coincidentally. It is extremely important for the company to work FOR guests and meet their needs as much as possible. The work begins at the hiring staff stage and never ends, because the hotel is a continuously working system that is designed to make every guest feel comfortable and cozy!

Dear Guest, you will enjoy your stay with us!