Dear guest!

Our hotel chain T. O. P. Group Hotels thanks You for choosing our hotels! The philosophy of our company is “4 GUEST” means “for the GUEST”. We always strive to meet the needs of our guests in our hotels and make your stay as comfortable as possible! And today, we are based on this value as we make the difficult decision about how to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19), which the world health organization declared a pandemic.

We sympathize with anyone who has experienced an infection and had to cancel a trip or reschedule it. And we understand any of your choices in this situation, but we assure you that the safety of guests and employees is very paramount and important to us!

Booking a room

Whatever hotel you choose, you can be sure that we will do everything possible to prepare your room properly. We closely follow the latest news from the world health organization (WHO), the Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), and local health authorities reporting on COVID-19, and follow all government and health officials instructions. We adhere to these recommendations and translate them into appropriate safety and health measures, which are then implemented by our hotel managers.

Before arrival

Over the past few weeks, we have been adapting our cancellation policy to reflect the development of the epidemic and the impact of COVID-19 on work, social services, and travel. We adjust the rules to meet our guests needs during these difficult times and try to process all your requests for changes and cancellations as quickly as possible.

During your stay

We really that the spread of the COVID-19 virus obliges everyone to be more attentive in everyday life. Hotels in our chain follow the latest who recommendations for hygiene and cleanliness on a daily basis.

We have introduced mandatory rules:

  • There are disinfectants at the reception of each hotel, and all guests at the entrance to the hotel must conduct hand hygiene and personal items with antiseptic;
  • Mandatory medical monitoring of the health of employees and our guests;
    In the rooms and common areas of the hotel all surfaces and household appliances are disinfected daily with professional antiseptics;
  • Each room has a private toilet and shower, which is thoroughly disinfected daily with special professional tools;
  • Some hotels provide contactless check-in, which allows you to avoid unnecessary interaction with people;
  • After each guest’s stay, we call a special service that disinfects the rooms and all common areas of hotels from all kinds of viruses and bacteria.

For our regular guests

Our guests continue to plan trips for the summer and autumn, because according to the forecasts of most experts, the risks of travel will be minimized by this time. And the promotions announced by many airlines now make it possible to plan trips for the summer and autumn at very low prices. We, in turn, give our guests the opportunity to book at good prices and loyal conditions. For you, as our regular guest, we give you a promo code “BONUS”, which you can use at any time when booking our hotels both on the official website and over the phone. This promo code provides a 10% discount on any existing fare, free early check-in or late check-out, as well as hygiene kits, bathrobes and slippers absolutely free of charge.

We realize what a turbulent time has come, and we want you to be sure that your safety and comfort are and will be our main goal on both current and future trips.

We value each of our guests!

We’re always waiting for you, our hearts and doors are open for you.


Dear Guest, you’ll like it here!

T.O.P. Group Hotels