Celebrity reviews

There were some minor flaws, but they were fixed and taken care of very quickly and apologized! Overall everything else was very nice ☺ Very comfortable and cool memories!)
All in all, I was very happy with the experience.

Polina Kit / Grand Mark

The hotel is in the very center, for walking the location is the best. Thank you to the hotel staff for the welcome, very polite guys. Would recommend.

Nurlan Saburov / Wow Ermitage

Top location! The hotel is two minutes from Palace Square. Nice staff, modern design, and most importantly clean rooms.

Aida Urazbakhtina / Wow Nevskiy

Awesome rooms in the center of the city! All the necessary amenities in the room are there! Service at the highest level.

Anastasia Mazalyuk / Grand Apart

Everything was very pleasant, interestingly met at the reception, did not distract, for which a special thank you. I finally got a good night’s sleep!

Vitaliy Savchenko / Grand Mark

The hotel is centrally located, the prices are adequate and it’s very cozy! And the most-most important thing is this, the location here is very cool!

Zozhnica-Rifmofschica / Wow Ermitage

Thank you for the warm welcome, wonderful hotel where I had a comfortable stay! It was a pleasure to stay with you.

Sabina / Rich

I stopped for a few hours to take a break from filming. I liked everything: the staff checked me in quickly and did not bother me unnecessarily. I had a great rest and regained my strength.

Antokha MC / Wow Nevskiy

The design of the room is beyond praise, bravo! The hotel is clean, the staff is friendly, the location of the hotel is good. Thank you, I will definitely come back!

lena_moony / Viva la Hotel

Very clean, everything is new, tasteful design! Recommended!

Tamara Shiukashvili / Amigo

Very good location of the hotel, view on Nevsky Prospekt from the room with private balcony! Clean and cozy, and what a friendly staff, it was very pleasant to spend time in your hotel!

Poletaev Valeriy / Viva la Hotel

Very cool hotel in the center! Bright, cozy room! Very polite staff, in my opinion, very cool service for the level 3*

ksenyalyn / Grand Mark